We are committed to bringing modern solutions in sanitation to our community.

It’s your Peace of Mind.


Causes interior surfaces to become antimicrobial and virtually “Self-Sanitizing.”

Shield and extends the life of upholstery, carpet, and other materials while eliminating odors and repelling spills.

Repeatable and Sustainable — PermaSafe treatment makes all non-porous surfaces inhospitable for viruses.

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PermaSafe application is safe and simple.

PermaSafe is The Best Protection You Will Ever Purchase.

WeProtectTexas.com acknowledges that us Texans are a proud, industrious, and innovative people who get things done. We are also an independent people who resist being told what to do, because we will always do the right things anyway when it comes to protecting our loved ones, our workers, and our communities. PermaSafe is a revolutionary product that creates a safe work environment for businesses to accomplish just that!

Our EPA approved antimicrobial surface protectant SAFELY and CONTINUOUSLY eliminates 99.999% of germs, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms from all hard nonporous surfaces for up to three months. Imagine having a semi-permanent microscopic spike shield killing all the microbials at your business 24 hours a day – whether your employees are regularly and properly sanitizing or not!

Using PermaSafe Step 1 Clean and Step 2 Shield at your business is like having an “insurance policy” protecting the health, safety, and longevity of your business in this challenging operational environment. Like most small business owners, you rely on your employees to follow sanitizing protocols as your first level of defense in keeping your customers, workers, and your community virus-free. Your employees carry a huge weight of responsibility of keeping your business safe, operational, and profitable. This age group is the same demographic that are naturally resistant to viruses, are prone to taking risks, and also believe they have a certain invincibility to any harm or physical danger. Create an extra level of defense for your business whether your surfaces get daily sanitizing or not. PermaSafe will work around the clock for you! Our new commercial program is price competitive with any other products on the market. Whether buying by the gallon or having one of our certified applicators do it for you, your business is now perpetually protected for up to three months according to EPA testing results!



The photographs on the right were captured through an Electron Microscope and display a treated surface and its bed of “Spikes” in action. These images reveal the arrival and partial destruction of E-Coli bacteria as they are impaled and shocked by the antimicrobial spikes.